Halsted- Committed To Health

A surgical clinic wholly dedicated to your care, comfort, and health! We pledge to offer professional medical care every single day!

Halsted- Come Home To Care

Halsted surgical clinic is your second home of care and comfort. We are one of the most well-known surgical clinics in Korattur and is led by an expert surgeon who also works at the Government General Hospital. Our expertise spans over various healthcare services, including treatment of breast, hernia, thyroid, diabetic foot, and gastrointestinal disorders.
We believe in clinical excellence, and we never limit our excellence in technical aspects alone. We take extra care to control infections, maintain hygiene standards, and remain committed to the society we serve.
Halsted Surgical Clinic was established with the sole purpose to offer holistic, affordable, and professional medical care.
The Halsted Surgical Clinic nurtures the power to heal and offers care through hands of compassion and precision.

Features That Speak Of Finesse

Women can consult female surgeons and discuss comfortably about their personal health issues.
Diagnostic laboratories armed with the latest technologies and equipment.
Seamlessly integrated testing processes and appointment procedures that eliminate long waiting periods.
Homely, warm, and welcoming environment where patients are treated with dignity and care.
Located right in the heart of Chennai close to well-known landmarks in the area.
Ultra-modern clinics with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Halsted- A Name That Denotes Surgical Excellence

Halsted Surgical Clinic is named in the memory of Sir. William Stewart Halsted (September 23, 1852 – September 7, 1922). He was an American surgeon who later came to be known as the Father of Modern Surgery.
Years back, poorly-trained doctors used to perform surgeries in unsanitary conditions without even giving anaesthesia to the patient. As a result, patients rarely recovered from medical conditions and often succumbed to death. Halsted completely transformed this medical practice by inventing spinal and local anaesthesia. He introduced the usage of rubber gloves and sanitary practices during surgical procedures. He started using fine silk threads for sutures and developed techniques for stabilising blood pressure levels during a surgical operation. He was the one who invented radical mastectomy, the surgical cure for hernia and blood transfusion techniques.
Inspired by Sir. Halsted, our Halsted Surgical Clinic aims to abide by the surgical reforms introduced by him and take him as an inspiration to strive for excellence and introduce better treatment standards at affordable prices in Chennai.
William Stewart Halsted, M.D
(September 23, 1852 – September 7, 1922)

The Halsted Logo- The Symbol Of Shakthi

Triangles symbolise divine feminine energy and power. It is the ultimate creative source, and its prominence dates back to thousands of years. Cultures worldwide used to consider triangles as a source of power.
A triangle pointing in the upward direction symbolises masculinity, activity, solar power, assertiveness, and fatherhood. A triangle that is flipped upside down represents feminity, passivity, motherhood, lunar strength, Shakthi, and care.
Halsted represents Shakthi and celebrates the feminine power with our inverted triangle logo.

Meet Our Halsted Power- Dr Priya.D

Halsted believes in the power of our specialist doctors who are pioneers in their respective fields. Halsted is led in the front by Dr Priya.D, MBBS, MS ( General Surgery). She is awell-known name in the medical arena and also a specialist in general and minimal access surgery.

Halsted- Always At Your Service

We are available Mon - Sat from 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM and on Sun from 10.00 PM - 12.00 PM. Book an appointment to put an end to pains, discomforts and worries.
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At Halsted Surgical Clinic we aim to offer expert medical care that promotes healing and offers comfort. Embrace health and happiness with Halsted!
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