Conditions and Diseases

Accurate diagnosis is the first step to a healthy life. At The Halsted Surgical Clinic, we help you in the journey towards a healthy, happy life!

Treatments That
Promise Comfort

The Halsted Surgical Clinic treats a wide range of conditions and disorders. Led by a renowned female surgeon along with a team of experienced experts working in tandem, we provide you precisely the care you need. Our coordinated efforts reduce diagnosis and treatment time from months to days.
Breast Disorders
We are dedicated to your breast health. Our team of physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals make every effort to detect cancer in the early stages and save lives.
Thyroid Disorders
Our team leverages physical examinations, ultrasounds and antibody testing to catch underactive and overactive thyroid glands.
Gastrointestinal Disorders
From appendicitis to GERD, from gastric ulcers to UTI, we are the pioneers in minimally invasive procedures for gastrointestinal disorders.
Anal Disorders
We are well-equipped to handle proctology. From fissures to piles, from fistula to haemorrhoids, we perform all kinds of colorectal surgeries.
Through physical exams, CT scans and ultrasounds, we take care of strangulation and intestinal obstructions before they become dangerous.
Diabetic Foot
We are experienced diabetologists committed to providing top-notch treatment for diabetic feet with proper management of contributing factors and control of sugar level.

How We Differ

We differ by offering treatments that create impactful experiences. Our treatments meet international standards and aim to provide the best service in the healthcare industry.
Accurate Diagnosis
Our care is patient-centric and prompt. We first focus on building trust by accurately identifying the needs of every patient who walks through our doors.
Expert Care
Accurate diagnosis starts with clinical examination. We stand out because our medical team has ample experience, providing expert care.
Modern Medicine
Early-stage detection and non-invasive treatments are two pillars of modern medicine. We leverage them along with the latest medical tests.
Surgical Skill
Experience is the best teacher, but skill is equally vital. Our surgical team is trained to deliver the best solution and are well-versed in traditional and modern surgical methods.

A Healthier, Happier You With Halsted!

Tired of pain, discomfort and health issues? Make an appointment, and take the step to a healthy life!
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Surgical Clinic
At Halsted Surgical Clinic we aim to offer expert medical care that promotes healing and offers comfort. Embrace health and happiness with Halsted!
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