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Issues related to earlobes? Don’t ignore it! Take intervening steps before it becomes too late with The Halsted Surgical Clinic!

Halsted Cares About Your Ears

At the Halsted Surgical Clinic, we offer earlobe repair to torn, stretched or enlarged ears.Earlobes are delicate. Persistent pressure, harmful trauma or bad piercing can damage them. We ensure that we sort out the problem in time to save you pain and effort in the long run. A stitch in time can save nine! Take the right steps to care for your ear with Halsted expertise and give relief and comfort to your ears!

Earlobe Repair- Everything You Need To Know

  • Split earlobes or enlargement occur because of prolonged use of heavy earrings.
  • Repeated pulling of earrings while wearing and removing clothing can cause trauma to the lobes.
  • At times, it may happen in people who don’t have pierced ears too. This is generally due to congenital causes.
  • Even with clip-on earrings stretching, splitting or enlargement may happen.
  • If the clip-on is too tight, the blood flow gets restricted. This can cause necrosis in part of the lobe.

Short, simple and sweet is the procedure for earlobe repair. It can be performed on anyone who has had piercings for a long time. The one-day procedure takes at the max 45 minutes. For just one earlobe, the time is even less.

  • The first step is marking the skin to show the patient the final scar line.
  • The ear is then cleaned, followed by a local anaesthetic.
  • The actual surgery involves cutting the skin surrounding the enlarged hole or split.
  • Cutting the skin helps preserve the ear’s natural shape by removing any additional skin on the lobe’s inside edge.
  • The skin is stitched together using W-plasty, a technique that uses very fine sutures. There is no notching as the skin heals.
  • At times, the back and front of the lobe are approximated with skin glue.
  • Finally, the earlobe is dressed, and the patient is discharged.
  • In rare cases, fillers are also utilised to impart a fuller and plump look to the lobes.
Post-Surgical Care

Earlobe repair requires some steps for proper healing.

  • The dressing must remain for 2 to 3 days and the earlobes dry and clean.
  • There might be minor swelling or redness. Although they subside within three days, painkillers are prescribed.
  • For the first two days, the patient has to sleep while keeping the head elevated. It reduces any facial swelling.
  • Application of a topical antibiotic is necessary for a week, after which there is a follow-up consultation. The sutures are removed at this stage.
  • The lobes heal completely in two to three weeks, but caution is required while wearing clothes, brushing hair or styling hair.
  • Avoid snagging the earlobe or touching the skin with substances like hairspray and makeup.

Your Earlobe Specialist Is Here

We’ve got good news! Earlobe damage is completely reversible! All it takes to repair a split lobe is one consultation.
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