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Foot corns are small, round, hardened skin layers that develop on the prominent, bony areas of the feet. The constant friction of the soft tissue against the bone causes the skin to thicken and harden into corns.At the Halsted Surgical Clinic, we offer effective treatment for all types of corn such as hard corn, soft corn and seed corn. Halsted gives you the finest medical solutions for a painful ailment from diagnosis to post-surgical care.

Corn Foot- From Diagnosis To After Care

Diagnosis Of Foot Corns

The doctor will examine the foot for small, round, and raised hardened skin areas. These flattened, toughened skin patches are usually less sensitive to touch, but they may cause pain, redness and blisters.

Treatment For Foot Corns
  • Use post-operative shoes until the surgical wound on the corrected corn is completely healed.
  • Do physical therapy at home to expedite your recovery and to help you walk normally after a few weeks of surgery.
Post Surgical Care

Self-medication and home treatment for foot corn are more likely to damage the good skin and leave your foot open to various infection sources. Foot corn needs the right medical treatment like scraping, shaving or cutting of the hardened skin. Other options include the modification of shoes and treatment with custom orthotics. In rare cases, surgical treatment involves the modification of the bone that is present under the corn.

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Excise the foot corn and get absolute relief from pain and discomfort within a few weeks.
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