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The Halsted Surgical Clinic was established with one goal – to provide expert treatments, tests, and therapies while following robust safety standards and protocols. We marry modern medical approaches with experience and skill to offer you top quality treatment.
A simple procedure, a biopsy takes a small body tissue sample. The sample is tested in the lab and examined under a microscope. The outpatient procedure is performed in 10 to 15 minutes, at the max.
Wound debridement
A debridement procedure treats skin wounds by removing foreign debris, residual dressing material, and thorough cleaning. All types of wound debridement are performed in the clinic using sterile instruments.
Ear lobe repair
A day-care procedure, an earlobe surgery repairs tearing, piercing, trauma, gauging, or stretching of the ears. Performed under local anaesthesia, it is completed within an hour to improve aesthetics.
Foot corn excision
A very safe procedure, corn excision removes thickened skin from the feet. Removal of multiple corns is possible. The bone applying direct pressure on the area is modified to prevent a recurrence.
Ingrown toenail excision
A procedure that takes just an hour, ingrown nail surgery removes a small side nail part and destroys the bed beneath it. The procedure is rarely needed, and recovery happens within a few days.

Informed And Empowered Treatment Procedures

The Halsted Surgical Clinic is committed to getting you back to normal life as quickly as possible. To that end, we inform you of treatments, tests, and therapies every step of the way. We also cater to quick, efficient procedures.
Our treatments don’t require overnight admissions. All of them are walk-in and walk-out.
Our expert care has one point of admission, treatment, and discharge. All of it comes at an affordable cost.
Our dedicated surgical unit offers comfortable day-care. All medical procedures have a quick recovery.
Our support medical staff, from technicians to nurses, are competent. All of them are devoted to your care.

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Get fast diagnosis, right treatment and the best outcome with The Halsted.
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At Halsted Surgical Clinic we aim to offer expert medical care that promotes healing and offers comfort. Embrace health and happiness with Halsted!
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